Best Practical Means of Controlling Noise & Vibration

Noise is a harmful pollutant. The  World Health Organisation have been publishing detailed reports and issuing warnings on the public health consequences for 35yrs. Vibration, closely related to noise, is in itself a health problem, damages infrastructure, and is the root cause of much noise pollution. As products to monitor, mitigate and reduce noise and vibration become increasingly available, we are looking at what they can do, who supplies these solutions and situations in which they really ought to be used.

Solutions or Best Practical Means, BPM

Categories we are interested in:

  • Noise and/or Vibration prevention
  • Noise and/or Vibration monitoring,  logging and data publication
  • Noise/vibration mitigation and insulation
  • Public health monitoring and awareness such as wearable monitoring for blood pressure, pulse, stress.
  • Legislation enactment. Ensuring that the public are actually made aware of the protection afforded by the relevant laws and when these apply.

If You Have a Noise Pollution Solution…

Contact NVAG at

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