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Edinburgh airport have been consulting on proposed flight path changes. The consultation is limited in what it will accept.

NVAG Response to Edinburgh Airport on Noise Pollution and Health

.The local factors which should be taken into account when designating flight paths are those pertinent to the impact on health and well being of people in the locality of the proposed routes as a result of exposure to noise pollution. For each locality this should include the proximity of the proposed flight path to residential areas,  schools and recreational areas, the noise exposure for persons at such locations and the extent of noise mitigation measures provided at the said locations.
Specific factors that ought to be considered before flight paths are approved:
1 Whether average environmental noise levels will (when added to existing levels of noise) result in noise exposure in the locality that approach or exceed the World Health Organisation’s current guidelines.
2 Whether peak levels of aircraft noise in the locality stay below the WHO advised 60dBlamax limit between 23.00-07.00

Additional Note:
A The World Health Organisation, the world’s leading authority on health, including environmental health,  states that WHO noise guidelines are set at the levels above which significant adverse impact to health and well being occurs. It advises that such exposure should be avoided. 

WHO publications in 1995, 1999, 2005, 2009, 2011 explain in great detail, with extensive justification, the range of illnesses and deterioration in functionality that result in those who suffer from excessive exposure to noise. Any organisation that is socially responsible will ensure that its activities do not cause significant health and well being problems and that noise stays below the WHO guideline levels.
B Besides the usual modeling noise levels at localities under proposed fight paths, localities should be assessed to ensure that they have appropriate monitoring systems in place to ensure that envisaged/predicted levels are not in fact exceeded at any specific locality if/when the path changes are enacted.
C In any proposed localities where, as a result of flight path changes, aircraft noise approaches WHO guideline levels, an assessment should be made of the level of awareness/resources available to deal with noise-related illnesses. The WHO guidelines are set for the average person however, vulnerable groups, including children, the infirm, those already suffering from stress, will, according to the WHO, experience significant deterioration in health at lower noise levels.


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