The Noise Vibration Action Group was set up in May 2012. The  group’s strategies include pursuing formal processes, gathering evidence and supporting all bodies, elected or otherwise in achieving a resolution.

Evidence gathered is wide ranging but specific focus is given to inaction or failure to act appropriately by those who hold responsible positions yet decline to respond in a timely manner or with appropriate measures to prevent public harm or environmental degradation.

Key goals, with regard to  noise and vibration :

1. to provide an environment for residents free from levels that undermine health, ability to function and quality of life

2. to ensure modern, health-based standards and commitments are applied and  to work towards the proper function of regulation and implementation of legislation and processes to ensure health, well-being and human rights are upheld


  1. ChairPerson

    Persistence, focus on regulations, evidence and responsibilty and polite but firm requests to the responsible person or body for the required actions be taken.
    Oh, and talk to your politicians at local and national level. We’ve found them to be extremely helpful.

  2. Carol

    How do I prove a noise exists if council cannot hear it?
    I am suffering from a low frequency hum audible in my home. I do not know for sure where it is coming from but I am suspecting one of two large electrical substations near my house. Council have been out and measured but could not document anything conclusively. I have also asked Scottish Power to investigate but they advise there is no other complaints, they have been very sympathetic but will not act unless noise can be proven to be coming from their plant – I became aware of the noise after new transformers were installed. It is not really audible outside my home but heard constantly, 24/7, inside.
    What can I do next? How do I obtain “evidence” without hiring an expensive acoustic consultant? Council have washed hands of me….!

    • ChairPerson

      Most environmental noise is measured using A-weighting which actually cuts out low frequency noise. They should use Z-weighting to assess LF.
      Make formal request to Council, follow up with formal complaint if they don’t take action, then take it to the ombudsman. Document everything a you go.
      OR hire a consultant to do above
      OR hey advice/hire an environmental Lawyer.
      If it is affecting your health/stressing you, then see your GP and ask them to record symptoms and to refer it to the NHS public health and to notify environ mental health department.

      Ultimately, it’s a matter of gathering evidence and going through formal complaints etc or hiring someone to act on your behalf to do so.

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