About NVAG


NVAG was founded in May 2012 by residents Anne Massie, Zara Kitson and Archie McIver, its aim to resolve the specific issue of noise and vibration from heavy freight running on a reopened railway line. That project resulted in the Local Authority commissioning an independent noise and vibration assessment and subsequently serving an abatement order. Shortly afterwards, due to ‘commercial reasons’, the coal freight ceased to run. Now, Archie McIver is in communication with the local authority with a view to putting monitoring and a decision-making process in place so that environmental pollution will be automatically trigger an alert and  the council can act to protect those affected promptly and effectively.

NVAG working with others. The NVAG blog gets visitors from across the world and the twitter feed @noiselimits continued to rais issues about noise, vibration, health and research a well as drawing attention to solutions. With almost 1800 followers, @noiselimits is one of the largest followings on Twitter in the acoustics/noise/vibration field. 

NVAG is happy to work with solution providers and is open to proposals from companies, organisations and persons who are working to provide solutions such as monitoring systems, acoustic barriers, noise limiting products etc

NVAGvdraws attention to polluters and pollution scenarios via @noiselimits and and makes known the plight of those being polluted.

NVAG raises awareness of health and social and environmental issues surrounding noise and vibration

Resolving Noise Issues

If you would like to collaborate with NVAG to find or provide a solution, please use our contact form.



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  2. morag

    hiyah morag here have just been told that electrification of the trains is stopping at larbert so we’re not getting the electric trains however this will probably mean we’ll get more diesel ones as they won’t be able to run them together due to speed problems breakdowns etc .one good point is the points at stirling junction are still broken so we still have a speed limit isn’t that a shame lol

    • Dr Richard Simpson

      correct this announcement was slipped out by Keith Brown the SNP Minister in the recess when noone in parliament could question him. It is a cut in infrastructure of £300 million.It means that the trains wil continue to idle at Alloa station for forty minutes causing emisssions and noise. The effects on the economies of Clackmannashire and Stirling will be significant.

      • steph

        Is it true that a new law was passed allowing instalation of double glazing in listed buildings to alleviate noise from coal trains? I live less than 30ft from track. I have also just been informed that they’re replacing bridge coming into riverside next year so that’ll be another six months of noise misery.

  3. Mike Blenkharn

    hi Archie,

    Could you please add my name to the list of residents to be contacted by Thompsons solicitors as I would like to add my voice to this campaign. We live at 108 Causewayhead Road.


    Mike Blenkharn

  4. morag

    double glazing is now allowed for listed buildings doesn’t just mean the ones near the railway line it’s any ones.now about the bridge at the riverside at this moment in time it’s not being replaced it’s being raised by 6 in to allow the electrification to take place this will allegedly take 6 weeks.however the bridge is old and to be honest i can see it falling to bits if they try to lift it as the one at the tryst golf course at stenhousemuir was raised and it fell to bits they’ve had to build a complete new bridge which was supposed to take 38 weeks and is still on going ha ha .they have fixed the alloa line near us(forth place) or so they said but to be honest after all those nights of work the noise and vibration are worse than ever especially at 4 30 in the morning when there are supposed to be no trains going past.think thats everything morag

    • misjudge

      Thanks Morag,

      That is very useful. Really sorry that there’s to be further onslaught of noise. There are works standards. You could phone up environmental health and make sure they comply.

      Can you tell me where you handed your petition signature thing in? Still have some to put in.




  5. morag

    i handed it in to the council office at the bottom of king st when i did they told me it was too late for that end date but would go into the one in january and that was when you were on holiday so yours will probably be the same hope this helps morag

  6. Dave

    Throughout Jan 2013 it seems to be getting worse, the vibrations of some of the night trains have gone from making the house shake to actually wobbling!

    • misjudge

      Yes, there seem to be additional problems. We’ve noted some trains shaking violently, can hear them right along the track so not an occasional judder. The council environmental health say that they CAN take action against the railway if noise is due to failure or lack of maintenance. Suggest you try to find out which train company and log formal complaint.

      • morag

        don’t know if you got my message on the 24th of jan but a young woman from the council was down at the bridge measuring the noise as she was 5 houses away from the bridge and was there for an hour at ten in the morning when there was no freight fat lot of use that will be .about complaining network rail say it’s nothing to with them and phone the freight companies who tell you everything is within legal peramiters and all the trains are monitered well how come the 7.30 shakes the houses worse than the rest then( silence was the loud reply)

      • misjudge

        Re young woman, you can email/post the Council a freedom of information request [FOISA request] to get a copy of the readings. Suggest you contact environmental health, Brian Friel at the Council. Also, put in formal complaint about the vibrating trucks and excess vibration and ask them to get onto hauliers. Good to get a video of some of the bad ones as evidence that not being maintained.

  7. morag

    hi latest on the bridge is they are replacing it so it’ll look like the one at stenhousemuir grey blocks and ugly right enough will go with the ugly spikey bridge lol.they are busy working on the lines again and the signalling infrastructure the works will be from stirling station to clay slaps crossing this is going to be every weekend plus some extended weekends until november so no quiet at night for us till next xmas and it’s going to be heavy machinery 24 hr shifts great eh

  8. morag currie

    the stirling bridge is now open from the stirling side only but heres the clever bit the council are going to do a noise and vibration assessment before the end of january but surprise surprise the trains will still be running to speed restictions till april when the bridge fully opened so doing it now will be a fat load of good

    • ChairPerson

      The Council have indicated that the monitoring will take place beyond January but suggest you tell them about the speed restriction in your area using the number on the letter (I presume you got a letter re the monitoring).


  9. morag currie

    hello again have you seen fridays observer on the front page the council are complaining about the damage the coal trains are doing to the station never listened to us though funny that eh

  10. morag currie

    archie did you see the observer front page as it says the railway station glass is being broken by the vibration of the trains and the council are moaning so is network rail moaning about it so they have just admitted in print theres a vibration problem therefore they have put their foot in it plus have tried to contact the guy on the letter and it’s just an answering machine

    • ticktechtalk


      Yes. Saw Observer today and emailed editor with further info. It is good evidence. Hard for NR to deny vibration problem when they admit they have it themselves. No name for internal source at NR though.

      Who did you phone?



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    • ChairPerson

      Yes, several media outlets printed articles on Stirling railway statutory nuisance including BBC web-based news. Then a BBC reporter enquired about contacts for a TV report.

      • Richard.Simpson.MSP@scottish.parliament.uk

        I would be very happy to comment at any time please give them my email and telephone numbers
        Sent from my iPad

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