October Update: Next NVAG meeting – Children Impact – Legal Questionnaire

NEXT NVAG PUBLIC MEETING. The next meeting was originally suggested for end of October but, due to  delays, Oct break and a flurry of ongoing events, it will be in November. The date will be emailed out.

CHILDREN. Aileen Campbell, minister for children and young people was notified about the plight of a resident on who asked for help. Her house  feels like it nearly implodes each time the 5am freight train goes through, it is on the mainline north of Stirling, she is expecting a baby. The Minister has asked for more information. Children are particularly affected by noise due to longer sleep requirements and the important developmental stages they are going through (physically, psychologically and socially). If anyone wants to provide a log or air their concerns or difficulties, please email them to noiselimits@gmail.com and these will be, with your permission,  forwarded to the minister. Some research:
“School children exposed to elevated noise level had significantly decreased attention, and social adaptability, and increased opposing behavior in comparison with school children who were not exposed to elevated noise levels. Chronic noise exposure is associated with psychosocial effects in school children and should be taken as an important factor in assessing the psychological welfare of the children.” One report:  Psychosocial effects of Noise on Children, 2004,Republic Institute for Health Protection, Medical School, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia 

QUESTIONNAIRES These should be arriving for those who have registered with NVAG or Thompsons. Fill them in and return. Please ensure you include anyone in the household. If you have not received one, contact Thompsons on 0800 0891 331 and tell them that you are with NVAG.

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