Thompsons to contact residents over the next few weeks.

Consultation regarding Thompsons
Everyone on NVAG’s  email lists should have been contacted  about  Thompsons solicitors conducting a questionnaire  as a precursor to taking action. The  issues are

  • property devaluation
  • the provision of mitigation against noise and vibration
  • damages for health and nuisance.

We have had  positive response and no objections. For anyone not yet involved but for whom this may be relevant, please direct them to:-

visit to find out more

and to either contact Thompsons or NVAG  if they choose to be involved.

The Process
 Thompsons have advised that their contact centre will get in touch with residents by email or phone:
“If the person indicates that they would like Thompsons to investigate a claim on their behalf, then a letter will be sent out confirming that a file has been opened on their behalf, enclosing the questionnaire and requesting that it be completed and returned. It will also enclose a Legal Aid questionnaire in order to assess who may be eligible for possible test cases. The timescale for calling everyone and sending out the questionnaires should be a couple of weeks.”

Please note that Thompsons is looking to fund the cases initially by legal aid for those who qualify (test case), and thereafter on a no-win, no-fee basis.

Alternative futures  The rail policy remains to run trains 24/7 and at whatever time of day or night the commercial companies request. More trains are forecast, and more freight. The freight is likely to be pushed into night slots. All the bodies have been consulted and say that they can’t or wont do anything about it (often for commercial reasons).

According to the World Health Organization, noise at the levels of night freight in this area is harmful to physical, psychological, social functioning. Low frequency noise or noise accompanied by vibration is  described as being of immediate concern.
Thompsons are positive about this case, but unless we pull together and act to make the various organizations behave in a responsible manner, we face  an ever worsening situation. Exposure to levels of noise and vibration known to be  harmful will continue to be dismissed as ‘appropriate’ or ‘normal’.

We need:

  • your attendance at meetings (next one 6th September, 7.30pm)
  • strong coherent action (sign up with Thompsons, tell neighbours)
  • support from the community  (please let us know if you can spare time or expertise or can offer support)
  • publicity so that we can reach all  residents affected and put pressure on the various bodies and politicians to act [tell your neighbours, write to papers, post a notice in a local shop/library/lamp post, tweet,  blog etc]
  • to make our needs known [sign the petitions and contact your MSP, local councilors, environmental health department]

Your continued support is appreciated,

Archie McIver, NVAG chair

One comment

  1. Yvonne nevin

    Hi archie

    I would like to take part in the survey via Thomsons as yet have had nothing through can you please advise who I contact.


    Yvonne nevin

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